To Whom It May Concern:

TimRick Welding has worked over the last few years to produce a mobile field slasher for use in forestry operations.

As an individual that has worked in various areas across the country, and experienced various types of equipment that was designed for slashing, I would have to say that the slasher produced locally by TimRick is about the best slasher I have seen.

The design of this machine was done from the ground up by people that know the business and the problems associated with equipment that has been adapted from other applications.  This machine was designed to perform in the most rigorous of conditions with minimal mechanical problems.

In talking with individuals operating these slashers, that goal has certainly been met.  Not only is the slasher well designed for this application, but parts are easy to obtain, and repairs are easy to make.  This is due to a lot of forethought by people that are used to repairing and maintaining forestry equipment.

As a local forest manager, I would advise you to seriously consider this slasher as a vital piece of your equipment fleet, and know that you will not be disappointed.  Have a good look at this machine, and you will immediately see for yourself its applicability to your operation.

-Sincerely yours,
Barry Waito
Forest Resources Regional Manager,
Louisiana-Pacific Canada Ltd.

Attn: Tim Rausch

Our company conducts all of our logging operations under contract arrangements.  As you are well aware one of our contractors has purchased a slasher manufactured by your company and is utilizing it in our logging operations.

I have personally observed this machine in operation and I can report the following:

  1. The machine performed well in both hardwood and softwood operations.  The design and build of the machine allows it to easily handle the large aspen and white spruce found in this area.
  2. Measurement of log lengths was always accurate.
  3. The machine performed well in extremely cold weather.  This is often a downfall of similar slashers.
  4. The contractor reports the machine has high rate of availability and this is critical when selecting a slasher.  Contract operators are paid by piece work so the amount of down time can make or break an operation.

In closing, I am thoroughly impressed with your slasher and would have no reservations about recommending it to a potential buyer.

-Yours Truly:
Ward Perchuk, RPF
General Manager Of Spruce Products Limited

To Whom It May Concern:

We purchased a TimRick slasher and are very satisified with it.  We used to be owners of a Hood Slasher, we found that with the TimRick our production has improved by 10%.  The condition of work for the employees is much better due to the quality of the equipment.  The expenses for maintaining this machine is much better than the Hood, so far after 8 months of operation, we are trouble free.  The service, because we were trouble free, is very hard to judge but it has been a pleasure dealing with the team of TimRick.

Michel Loubier, President
Loubier Slashing
Thunder Bay, Ontario

This letter is regarding the TimRick Mobile Slasher.  I have been very happy with the dependability of this machine.  The machine is very well designed and has good features.  The cab is comfortable, quiet and well insulated for noise comfort.

This machine is safe, strong and durable.  I am very happy with the TimRick slasher.  I am also very pleased with the good service I’ve been receiving.

– Gagne Slashing
Thunder Bay, Ontario

Dear Sir/Madame:

Having been a slasher operator for 18 years and a slasher contractor for the last 13 years, I would like to take this opportunity to express my appreciation of TimRick slashers.  They have changed the standard for design and quality.  Tim Rausch and his staff seem to have a simple philosophy. “Listen to the ideas and concerns of the people who operate and repair the equipment.”  The implementation of this on my new TimRick has increased hourly production by 10%-15% and dramatically decreased downtime.  Further and continuing design features on upcoming improved models, give TimRick a strong position on the front edge of slasher manufacturing and sales in our area.

Ray Jarvinen Contracting
Thunder Bay, Ontario

To whom it may concern

We (Buchanan Forest Products Ltd.) have used TimRick Slashers on our limits for approximately 3 years.  In my opinion they are a superior slasher.  Quality has improved in that we have no shorts and very little debris in piles.  Sorting quality has improved dramatically.

– Jim Fayle
Buchanan Forest Products Ltd.
Thunder Bay, Ontario